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What is a PEO?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a company that enters into a co-employment relationship with a business for one or several reasons. The PEO becomes the legal employer for tax and insurance purposes, while your business is the worksite employer, still in control of everything impacting the bottom line results.

The PEO is focused on removing the administrative burden of payroll, benefits, human resource compliance and workers' compensation. Being the employer of record, the PEO has master contracts with workers' compensation carriers and group benefits carriers, creating a relationship where their clients can benefit from the group's aggregate buying power. This allows the business to offer multiple medical plans, even national plans that you may not be able to access on your own. They will also take over the administration of all of these plans, taking liability for them as the employer. As their client you also benefit from their human resource expertise and the compliance for ever-changing laws and regulations that on your own, you are responsible for.

Many PEOs will be able to save clients money on their workers' compensation premiums, while managing the claims, fraud investigation, return to work programs, safety inspections, recommendations and trainings. They can help you customize health and safety programs for your business, minimizing future losses.

Why Use PEOProdigy?

PEOProdigy, a professional employer organization, is a human resource company specializing in payroll administration, risk management, state compliance and employee benefits. PEOProdigy, Inc. will revolutionize the PEO industry in many ways with simple, common sense technology, pricing, HR support and administration, risk management and just overall simple market solutions and services. With PEO services in Florida and Georgia, we pride ourselves in service and pricing, such as free overnight delivery, no account set up fees, and no workers compensation claim deductibles or fees. Our PEO team is dedicated to providing extraordinary service and expected results.

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